Maybe I am a technophobe after all?

Maybe I am naïve?  Something I didn’t know about Kindle, but luckily it is not too late!

Everyone who knows me knows that I read, and that I buy books: first editions, signed by the author if at all possible.  But should I go on my long promised world trip, I was intending to buy a Kindle 3G.  I cannot really take a toothbrush, a dress and a change of underwear and enough books to last 12 weeks.

What I hadn’t realised was that IF you buy Kindle you can only download books from Amazon.

What I had not realised until yesterday, is that Kindle is a type of eBook Reader and that what one should aim to buy, is an eBook Reader possibly from a website like where you can still specify your favourite bookshop, you can still download masses of books BUT and this is the beauty of it, your BOOKSHOP gets part of the deal.

Everyone happy!


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