London Film Festival 2011

Some of you already know that I am a complete London Film Festival fanatic, and go to as many as 3 films a day for 10 days. I avoid the Gala Films in the main because it is pretty inevitable that they will arrive shortly in our cinemas. So I concentrate on World Cinema, which sadly and outrageously often does not get UK distribution, and European films though not very often French cinema because French films do come to Art House cinemas if they are good, and also because I am rather bored by the modern “French Revolution” (Film Festival category, not mine!). I also generally select some New British Films.

So if you are interested, watch this space as I will be re-posting on the films I have been to each morning. This is my list:

London Film Festival 2011
Friday 14 A Bitter Taste of Freedom EUROPE Documentary
Friday 14 On the Ice WORLD CINEMA
Saturday 15 Abu, Son of Adam WORLD CINEMA
Saturday 15 The Forgiveness of Blood WORLD CINEMA
Sunday 16 Where do we go now? Film on the Square
Sunday 16 Wreckers NEW BRITISH
Sunday 16 Dreams of a Life NEW BRITISH
Monday 17 The Nobel Thief WORLD CINEMA
Monday 17 Women with Cows EUROPE Documentary
Monday 17 Futures Market Experimenta
Monday 17 Alms of the Blind Horse WORLD CINEMA
Tuesday 18 Eternity WORLD CINEMA
Wednes 19 Headhunters Film on the Square
Wednes 19 Return WORLD CINEMA
Wednes 19 Oslo, August 31st Film on the Square
Tursday 20 Wanda From the archives
Thursday 20 Policeman WORLD CINEMA
Thursday 20 There was never a better brother EUROPE
Friday 21 Li and the Poet EUROPE
Friday 21 Point of Order From the archives
Saturday 22 The Caine Mutiny From the archives
Sunday 23 The Sleeping Voice EUROPE
Sunday 23 Corpo Celeste EUROPE
Sunday 23 Last Winter EUROPE
Monday 24 Nouka Dubi WORLD CINEMA
Monday 24 When the Night Film on the Square
Tuesday 25 The Sun-Beaten Path WORLD CINEMA
Tuesday 25 A Simple Life (JL) WORLD CINEMA
Wednes 26 Walking too Fast EUROPE
Wednes 26 The Soul of Flies EUROPE


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