TTWWD – my encounter with wild life

My first one to one encounter with Australian wild life was with a large spider which crawled out of the wood fire when we lit it on arrival at Macedon. I am not kidding when I say that it’s body was the size of a quail’s egg.
There are masses of exquisite birds, honey eaters, ibis, crimson rosellas, a green one and sulphur crested cockatoo. The magpies are quite different to ours in the UK. Then the voracious and talkative wattle birds
And the ants, the garden ants in Western Australia are tiny but people are discouraged from destroying them because they are holding the line against the hyper-destructive white ants. In contrast there are the bull ants
There have been dead animals…a fox and a couple of rabbits – one rabbit living on campus at Victoria University. So far, though looked for, no possums, no koalas and no roos.


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