TTWWD – out to the hinterland

We have left the bright lights of the cities for the moment. San Francisco, Las Vegas and Oakland are behind us. I will draw a polite veil over Las Vegas and simply record that I went there, never to return.

Today we climbed aboard the coach again and set off across country to see The Hoover Dam. It is actually very exciting, partly because of the engineering involved in building it in the first place and partly because when you get there it is actually very beautiful in itself. I wouldn’t have thought that so much concrete could be appealing, but somehow it just gets you. Compared to the hills around it, it looks so small, so fragile almost. It is very strange.


20130514-192044.jpg and furthermore, it looks so perilously empty. The white band in the picture shows the usual water level!


20130514-192313.jpg this shows the channel for the overflow, but it is several feet above the water level at present. For Homeland Security reasons there is now a different route across the valley, the road is carried on this magnificent bridge.

Having had a short break there we went across this bridge and eventually joined a portion of Route 66, of historic interest only. It appeared to be just another road. I know that it is not, that there is great romance attached to it, but it didn’t do it for me.

I was still thinking about the lack of water, pretty much everywhere actually. California has now officially been in a drought for nearly ten years, along our way we passed dry river beds and although we also passed orchards of oranges, peaches, almonds, pistachios, plums and a lot else, the consumption of water this requires hardly bears thinking about. In the un-irrigated fields the condition of the soil was abundantly apparent – dust. In Europe the acreage per head of cattle is worked out at so many cattle per acre, here it is so many acres per head of cattle.



20130514-193536.jpg there are clouds, but they deliver no rain. The temperatures have been excessive for the time of year, it should be hovering between 80-85 degrees Fahrenheit, it has consistently been above 100 degrees.
Just to show that “i woz here”



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