Whatever anyone may tell you about the Windy City, Chicago, you will inevitably hear several differing versions. It has several nicknames, a common feature of American cities. One is the Second City because the first one burnt to the ground, the Phoenix City for the same reason; the Windy City because the citizens are always bragging about it, or because the city fathers are a lot of windbags…take your pick! It has blown me away. I liked San Francisco, it had a lively and engaging atmostsphere, I liked Denver but Chicago: I love it!

Went out this morning in the rain to see Frank Lloyd Wright’s House and Studio, what a lovely place.

20130522-162139.jpgImagine living in this lovely house, set back a bit from the road with the light streaming through these windows into the halls, sitting rooms and dining room. All carefully configured to the best advantage, but at the same time constantly changing to suit the changing circumstances of his life, growing family and growing practice necessitating several major alterations.




20130522-162546.jpgThen look up at the ceilings and lamps all designed to create a soft ambiance and gentle glowing light levels.




20130522-162815.jpgEverything carefully designed to create an inside graciousness and relating the interior to the garden and greenery outside.

Then I went on a rather rushed tour of the district to. Look at a few more of his houses:




20130522-163200.jpgAll showing what was to come.

Returned in the pouring rain for the Architectural Boat Tour. It stopped raining for the duration of our tour and what a treat. We passed through Beaux Arts, Post-Modern, Mies van de Rohe and loads of lovely re-configurations of old warehouses.






And then there is the Frank Gehry Pfizer Music Hall, not so much a hall as a space, but wonderfully imaginative and one can imagine how lovely it must be on a summer evening to sit listening to music while picnicking on the grass.




And finally you can go to look at yourself in the Anish Kapoor Bean

20130522-164233.jpgand I still haven’t mastered text wrap!


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