TTWWD – Last Post

I am now home. So this part of my blog (TTWWD – travel the world with Deborah) is at an end. Thank you to everyone who has followed my adventures, friends and strangers alike. I hope you will not abandon me once I return to my more familiar topics commenting on writing and cinema, with the occasional aside on food or the environment, though I will quite understand if you do.

I shall not do a separate blog for Canadian food as I largely ate with friends. It is possible that all nations are represented in the cuisine and the only truly Canadian items on the menu are fiddleheads and maple syrup, maybe. Fiddleheads are fern buds, toxic if not cooked correctly and maple syrup…I could write a whole blog about it, but won’t.

Thank you also to all my friends and relatives, new and old who have given me their time and energy, their hospitality and assistance (especially to all those who humped my suitcase up and down stairs and into taxis). I travelled light (compared at least to some of the people in The Group who had as much luggage as me for three weeks) but three months of ‘stuff’ still weighs 50lbs even when pared down to 3 pairs of shoes (could I have managed with one? I think not); necessary underclothes, 5 dresses, 1 cardigan and 1 sweater and all the other clobber that goes with travel. When I was starting out I was jettisonning things to keep the weight at exactly 50lbs; Amtrak and Canadian Pacific trains and American Airlines have all since reduced their allowances, but I got away with not paying extra because I had booked before the measures came into place, so next time my case can only way 45lbs, but that will not apply to me for a while.


This image above all represents the idea of my journey, each piece nestled tightly into the next (I think it is a perfect Fibonacci spiral, created entirely in nature), each section neatly following the next in a perfect harmony. The play of sun and shade also mirrors my world experience, a mixture of sun, shade and unexpected rain. The phrase “this is very unusual weather for this time of year” fell from many lips, I even acquired a reputation as a rain-maker…

Trains were often late, it is true, but over all my adventure was a success. I only had two minor accidents: one to my foot, which was run over by a heavy suitcase in a pointless charge for the elevator and one to my luggage, when a plastic bottle of 50+ sun-screen leaked, though the damage was minimal; I lost one earring and I gained everything from my experience. I had a fabulous time, wonder full in every sense.

Could any one ask for more?


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