Blogging the Man Booker 2014/Shortlist

Well! My short list was: The Wake, The Bone Clocks (which I haven’t yet finished), The Narrow Road to the Deep North, J, The Lives of Others, and How to be Both (which I haven’t yet read). So I was wrong on two counts. I did wonder whether The Wake by Paul Kingsnorth would make it, since it was written in a “foreign” language, Anglo-Saxon (sort of). I did want The Bone Clocks to make it because I love David Mitchell‘s work, but this new novel is way off the scale even by his standards. I am loving it, but haven’t finished it yet, so expect a blog about it later. I simply guessed at the Ali Smith, her third time on the shortlist.

scan0006So the two that made it instead of my choices: To Rise Again… was the one about the dentist, I am not going there again, I didn’t like it at all, see Blogging the Man Booker 2014/6;
We are all Completely Beside Ourselves by Karen Joy Fowler I fancied for the shortlist and I enjoyed the pacey, ironic madness of it all, see Blogging the Man Booker 2014/3 by the time I had read the others it slipped down my final list, but I am happy to find it there instead of my choice of The Wake.


So my view remains as it has been since I read it. I am backing Neel Mukerjee The Lives of Others, see Blogging the Man Booker 2014/4


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