58th LFF Day 5 Afternoon 1

Finn Netherlands-Belgium FAMILY section


As the Director, Frans Weisz pointed out, Holland has more affinity to the tales of Hans Christian Anderson than those of The Brothers Grimm, fairy stories generally end well. This is his first essay into a children’s film, he was pleased and surprised to find so many families at the UK première. For myself I found the junior audience rather tiresome, the row behind us had a particularly ill-mannered brat but we endured, and the film was splendid and nothing the child could do rendered that any different. I took the son of a friend and asked him to write the blog – this is what he wrote:

The film is a Dutch drama about a boy whose dad wants him to be a football player but who doesn’t want to himself. However, on the way home from one football training he sees a man with a violin. Finn then thinks that violin is ‘magic’ and instantly wants to learn how to play it! But with his dad wanting him to be a football star he must keep it a secret and whilst doing so discovers more about his past.

I think Finn was very interesting because it was a complicated dilemma for Finn making it an exciting story line. I liked the way that the shots were taken because they were very arty and open to interpretation. Also I think the casting was very good and the characters were very believable. Furthermore, what the characters did and said was very real. The soundtrack was very suitable. It was the music that Finn was learning to play on the violin; it is interesting because it would start with Finn playing the piece and would finish with the piece in the sound track version.

The film makes you feel anxious and worried that something bad might happen to Finn but also a sense of being reassured that maybe he’ll be all right. For instance: when he follows a man into his garden to ask him whether he’ll teach him how to play violin we feel worried for him because it’s a random stranger and a vulnerable child. This was also partly to do with the music because as he got closer to the man the music got louder and louder and louder bringing out the tension.

The only thing I would say that was bad is that it takes quite a long time to get to the climax of the film and maybe they went into too much detail. Nevertheless, I think it was a very good film and I would highly recommend it to other people who would like to see it.

I hope this gets UK distribution in time for Christmas.


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