58th LFF Day 5 Afternoon 2

Damn the War! [Maudite soit la guerre] Netherlands-Belgium 1914 DEBATE Section


This devastatingly prophetic film was made in 1914. A young woman meets a trainee pilot, a friend of her brother, he is on an exchange to learn the language and to learn to fly. During his sojourn, he declares his passion for the young lady but no sooner has he done so than war is declared and he is summoned home to his own country, now at war with the nation of his lady-love and his friend.

A silent film, a beautiful and authentic restoration with stencilled colouring, which when you consider the fact that this film is one hundred years old, makes it astonishingly sophisticated and advanced, the producers were using absolutely the most modern techniques. Alfred Machin was quite well known at the time, but this is his masterpiece.

The film was followed by an archive document Airship over the Battlefields (extract)
[En Dirigible sur les champs de bataille] France 1918

A silent and astonishing bird’s eye view of the trenches, from Belgium to Switzerland. Because it is filmed from an airship this is a complete and devastating silence, hypnotic and horrifying.


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