58th LFF Day 5 Evening

Betibú Argentina-Spain THRILL Section


This is a tremendously complex and thrilling journalistic investigation. The well-known novelist, Nurit Iscar (known as Betibú) and marvellously played by Mercedes Morán is persuaded to return work for a national newspaper investigating a brutal murder of a well-known industrialist who has been found dead in his house in a gated community some ten years after having been tried and acquitted for murdering his wife. Assisted by the journalist who previously interviewed the victim and the new boy on the block, the three of them uncover a thread that goes all the way back to the youthful pleasures and vices of a bunch of school boys.

The editor of the national paper has inveigled Betibú back on to his team by a small piece of chicanery, but caveat emptor – he got more, much more than he bargained for, endangering everyone in the process.

This South-American-Noir film has everything that the nerve-shredding section promises – it keeps you on the edge of your seat, ready to hide. The adrenalin-fuelling music – a throbbing, tense soundtrack has you longing to shut your eyes as the characters pace away from the camera. Adapted from the novel by Claudia Piñeiro this film is stylish and satisfying with an ominously ambiguous end.


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