56th LFF Day 6 Evening

German Concentration Camps Factual Survey UK 1945/2014 DEBATE Section


The title sums up this documentary. Filmed by soldiers and journalists in the Allied armies of Britain, America and Soviet Russia, this film was intended to place irrefutable evidence before the German people to discourage any lingering fanaticism or romantic attachment to Hitler and the Nazi Regime of the Third Reich.

Showing in harrowing and painstaking detail the horrific results of barbarous cruelty in only about thirty of the hundreds of camps found as the war was ending, this film took so long to compile from hundreds of reels of film that towards the end of the project the mood of the political decision makers meant that the film was shelved. Only parts of it were used in the Nuremberg Trials, and parts have been used in other documentary films about the Second World War and the Holocaust.

To date the film has not been seen in its entirety. Now thanks to painstaking research by the Imperial War Museum this important document is being seen in its complete form, based on contemporary notes and screening records through which the project has been completed.


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