58th LFF Day 7 Evening 1

The Salvation Denmark-UK-South Africa THRILL GALA


In every sense bar one, this is a classic, traditional Western. The one bar to its being a classic is that this is a Danish Film. It has the very good looking good guy played by a tremendously famous and attractive actor, Mads Mikkelsen; it has an undertaker in a black hat, played by Jonathan Pryce; there is a beautiful and wronged woman played by Eva Green and there is a posse of bad guys – all tremendously tall, dark and handsome (one of them is Eric Cantona).

This is basically a land grab situation, set in 1871/2 when the black, sticky stuff squelching out of the ground has no real purpose but one person thinks it might have a value some day – so sets up a company to buy up as much land as possible, by hook or (mostly) by crook. The good guys get in on this by way of a high body count in a stage coach, one of the dead bodies is (inevitably) the brother of one of the bad guys!

The sheriff is a bit weak, the Mayor is also the undertaker and all in all they need saving…

This is a crackingly good film, the music by Kasper Winding is very Spaghetti Western, but the directing by Kristian Levring is more like later Westerns in the style of Unforgiven by Clint Eastwood. Filmed is South Africa, so the landscape is fabulous and the light gorgeously golden. This will be in a screen near you any time soon as it is a Gala production, it is as good as it gets.


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