And now for a film

This is just so exciting. The film Theeb, a Jordanian UAE joint enterprise is coming to the big screen in the UK. In London it will probably be in the Curzon Group cinemas, it is that sort of film, but I do urge you to try to see it.

scan0008Set in around 1916, it covers a similar ground to Lawrence of Arabia, but from a different point of view. Seen through the eyes of a young Bedouin, the tale unfolds in an entirely unexpected fashion. The Bedouins in the film are not actors, they are the real thing and most of them still live a nomadic Bedouin life, not one of them had ever seen a film or been to a cinema before being ushered gloriously around the Film Festivals last year. I saw them in London by which time they were less over-awed but still beautifully giggly and appreciative of the audience.

I posted very enthusiastically last year see 58th LFF Day 4 Evening posted on 11th October.


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