Après nous – le débâcle*

So we have stumbled out of the European Union like an elephant with a dart in its backside.

Even before daybreak, Mr Nigel Farage was crowing on his dung-hill about ‘decent, ordinary people’ having made the right choice – of that we, the ones who voted to remain, have a different opinion – which may and may not prove in ten years’ time have shown him and his decent people to have been wrong, and us ordinary voters – decent or otherwise to have been right.

Meanwhile, Mr David Cameron falls on his sword, while in most people’s view that should have better become the Leader of the Opposition for his lack-lustre, belated and feeble attempt to persuade the country to stay in.

So what of Scotland, Northern Ireland and Wales? Scotland will now probably leave our union to join the other European one; Northern Ireland may join Eire in another union, turning her back on us – for better or worse – and Wales; well what can Wales do? Having received many, many thousands of pounds in EU development funds – now they have voted to leave the EU they are bleating that the UK should ‘make up the shortfall’! Do “cut off noses” spring to mind, anyone? Are there more sheep than people in Wales?

Later on the same day, the self-same Mr Farage admitted that the millions of pounds, blazoned on the battle bus of the Leave campaign, which were going to flood in to fund the National Health Service were overstated – well, who would have guessed!?

Surprisingly, Mr Boris Johnson kept remarkably silent, and when later he did have something to say, gone was the bumbling, tongue twisting Boris – more the Churchillian statesman, preparing no doubt for higher office. Hats in the ring – people! The more women the better!


Let us hope therefore, come November, that the world is not governed by two tow-heads – what we need now is people who promise to build bridges, not people who threaten to build walls.





* pace Mme de Pompadour (1721-1764) – après nous – le déluge


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