Après nous – le divorce

We have a Prime Minister, suddenly and slightly unexpectedly a ‘coronation’; a bit shocking for the Cameron family who have to move out of Number 10 Downing Street at short notice.  The Conservative and Unionist party really know about power, the transfer and the speed with which it has happened is breath-taking.

But now what? Can anyone manage Brexit, the newest word in the English language? We are all now Brexiteers, but while all this is very fascinating and frightening, what happens to the rest of politics. While her team are trying to deliver the best possible deal, when the circle is squared, will the leavers be happy with the result, given the lies that were peddled to persuade the country to follow their lead?

What happens to the economy meanwhile and to domestic policies? Who is going to have the time to deal with those? And who is there to do it?

So the Prime Minister, who was for remaining in the European Union, is now in charge of finding her way through the maze of foreign negotiations with twenty-seven other countries; each one of which has a different agenda and all are facing their own elections in the not too distant future.

So the sooner we press that button, what ever the outcome, my view is that we should do it as quickly as possible for one very important reason: our best chance of getting a good deal is to get Ms Angela Merkel on our side before she too faces an election that she might very well not win.

Oh well, at least we are not facing a united Labour party, that really is going to be interesting – having tried hard to get Mr JC off the list, they are now trying equally hard to disenfranchise anyone at all who might vote to get him back it.  Last time it was anyone who paid £3, guess what? You now have to pay £25 to qualify and you have to have been a member before January 2016, so disqualifying everyone who joined the party during the referendum campaign or after the referendum result was announced.






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