Two lies do not make one truth

I heard a snippet of this novel on Radio 4, I cannot remember the programme but it was so tantalising that I went out and bought the book. It was well worth it.

Owen Sheers‘ new thriller is not quite in the usual mode of that genre. A UAV (Unmanned Aerial Vehicle) action in Pakistan, which the novel describes in detail, leads to a massive upheaval and tragedy in many of the lives of people affected even peripherally.

For the man who pressed the button thousands of miles away, there is the terrible guilt; for the relatives of the target there is terrible pain and right down the line, other consequent actions can also be laid against the initial blast.

I Saw a Man is a sustained study of how the ripple effect works out from these traumatic incidents. One thing leads to another. But when two people lie about it the truth eats away and causes further damage. The only way to heal the damage is to tell the truth. But is it already too late?

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